Monday, July 11, 2011

Tempus Reserva Especial

Tempus Reserva Especial Scottish Ale


3 out of 5

I took this particular photo at Lucille's in Colonia Roma. The Reserva Especial is sometimes called "Maple" depending on where you drink it (such as at Al Andar). Maple is a fitting name, because this golden-colored ale does have a pretty strong sweetness to it that resembles maple syrup. It also has a slight caramel flavor. I am not very familiar with Scottish Ales (the ones I have tried I didn't like), so I can't say much about how close this resembles that particular style. However, it is fairly drinkable. The sweetness makes it difficult to have more than one, but if I drink Tempus beers, it is a toss-up over whether I choose the Reserva Especial or the Doble Malta. Both beers are drinkable, but not particularly exciting. I look forward to the day Tempus branches out into other styles that are more appealing and original.

The Reserva Especial is slightly less available than the other Tempus beers, but still fairly easy to find. You can drink it at Lucille's in Roma or Al Andar in the Centro Histórico. You can buy a bottle at La Belga or El Deposito.

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