Monday, July 11, 2011

Cosaco Blond Ale

Cosaco Güera/Rubia/Clara Blond Ale


2 out of 5

This Blond Ale by Cosaco goes by many names, depending on where you find it. The first craft brew I ever had in Mexico City was a Cosaco, and so I have had their beers many many times. Cosaco was my gateway into the world of Mexican cervezas artesanales, so I definitely thank them for that, but now that I have had many other craft beers in D.F., I tend to avoid Cosaco beers primarily for their terrible inconsistency and off-putting flavors.

The Blond Ale is my favorite of the three Cosaco beers (Blond, Red, and Porter), but it is by no means refreshing. The breadiness is very extreme, almost like a liquified baguette. I do consider it fairly drinkable, but I wish they would work more on their recipe. The Blond is also much more consistent than the Porter or the Red Ale they produce.

If a bar or restaurant is going to have craft beers on tap in Mexico City, the most common beer you will find is Cosaco. To sample Cosaco, go to Lucille's, Zazá, or Makena. The Cosaco webpage also has an incomplete (and potentially out of date) list of other locations where Cosaco is available in Colonia Roma, Condesa, Portales, Coyoacán, and Mineral del Chico. The cheapest place I have found to drink Cosaco is Cafe Toscano (@45 pesos/pint), right on Plaza Rio de Janeiro in Roma Norte. The linked map says it is on the corner of Orizaba and Puebla, but that is not right. Cafe Toscano is right on the corner of Orizaba and the Plaza, the only cafe on the plaza. Cafe Toscano is within walking distance of Metro/Metrobus Insurgentes.

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