Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cerveza Colonial

Cerveza Colonial Brown Ale


4 out of 5

If I never have another cerveza obscura from Mexico, I would be perfectly happy. Every brewer here tries their hand at what in my opinion is an extremely boring style with little innovation. I was ready for more disappointment before cracking open this bottle of "Cerveza Colonial Black," but I was completely mistaken. Instead of the bland vienna-style lager, I was treated with a well-crafted brown ale that was medium-bodied with a very nutty flavor. Nut browns are not my favorite style of beer in general, but this brew produced by Cervecería Valladolid is high quality and worth trying if you happen to like brown ales.

I don't know anything about Cervecería Valladolid since I could not find any information online, nor is there anything on the bottle. The only thing I could find was a reference to two other beers produced by them: Cerveza Valladolid and Cerveza Bullshark. I definitely look forward to trying these other beers as soon as I can find them.

I found this bottle at The Beer Box.

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  1. excelente cerveza, probe varias y para mi gusto la mejor de las porter-stout