Monday, July 11, 2011

Cucapá Lowrider Ale

Cucapá Lowrider Double Rye Ale


5 out of 5

I love barley wines. However, they are often too strong to drink on a regular basis. The Lowrider Ale is a nice compromise when you don't feel like sipping on a single beer for a few hours. You get the body and flavor of a decent barley wine without the high alcohol content. This full-bodied copper colored ale is dry due to the rye, and tastefully hoppy. Cucapá definitely hit a grand slam with this beer. I do wish the rye flavor would come out more but that is certainly a minor complaint for this very well-crafted cerveza artesanal.

The Lowrider Ale is available in 650ml bottles for 120 pesos from La Belga.

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