Monday, July 11, 2011

La Biznaga in Oaxaca City

Outside view of La Biznaga

La Biznaga is primarily a restaurant offering creative versions of traditional Oaxacan cuisine. According to the number of reviews of this place online, individual opinions of this place seem pretty polarized.  The service varies from awful to tolerable, some of the food seems overpriced, and most customers are foreigners.

Walking into La Biznaga
La Biznaga's Beer Menu
I've experienced all this, but the great thing about La Biznaga is their beer selection. I took a picture of their beer menu, which you can see above. They offer bottled beers from Cucapá, Calavera, Tempus, Minerva, and other Mexican craft brewers, draft beer from Cosaco, plus a wide variety of imported beers.

I like the food here just fine, but I found myself coming here more to have a beer (and a mezcal!), rather than to eat dinner.

The other interesting thing I learned is that the bartender (or owner?) makes his own beer called Cabuche. Unfortunately, there wasn't any available when I was in Oaxaca, but he told me that in about a month there would be some available. He's made a porter and a hefeweizen in the past. I almost want to go back to Oaxaca soon to try this beer!

La Biznaga is located at García Vigil 512 near Plaza Santo Domingo.

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