Friday, July 29, 2011

Psicodencia - Cahui 7"

Front cover
Psicodencia were a fairly unique punk band from Mexico City in the 1990s. Prior to finding this record, I had not heard of the band, but the cover intrigued me and so I decided to pick it up. To my ears, Psicodencia's style is reminiscent of the 80s Chicago punk sound, especially some of the later records from the Effigies. They are slightly more experimental and complex than most punk bands I've heard from Mexico, which for me is a definite plus.

Rear cover
From the information I can find, they formed in 1990, went through a number of lineup changes, and then finally stopped playing in 1999. Their earliest release was the 5-track Cahui 7" that came out in 1990. In addition to the 7", they also released three compilation tracks, one each on each of the three volumes of the "El punk no está muerto" series. Psicodencia's final recording was a 13-track demo called "Evo" released around 1995. I like the 7" so much that I'd really like to get a copy of this Evo demo, but I'm guessing that will be pretty difficult.
 Check out the tracks on the Cahui 7" on youtube:
1. La gente sigue riendo
2. Cuanto me podrá costar?
3. Policía, no me dejas existir
4. 2-14, 3-28
5. Lárgate a tu tierra

You can also check out Psicodencia's compilation tracks from the "El punk no está muerto" series.
1. Q2 (Vol. 1)
2. Sol de kuwait (Vol. 2)
3. Monotonia (Vol. 3)

Finally, Psicodencia has an old myspace page up with a few tracks that I can only guess are from the Evo demo. Check out those tracks here.

I was lucky enough to find the Cahui 7" at Retroactivo Records.


  1. Your words aro so kind that you deserve that "evo" demo that you have not find yet, and probably you won't ever as we never sold it! Just distributed free to some close friends and a couple of record companies. It's way more complex and less "punk" in many moments... it's more "progressive", in some way influenced by the sound of nomeansno and maybe Voivod, but also we included more funky sounds too. We recorded 13 tracks it is raw, not very polished, the vocals needed more work too. It's more eclectic, but if you give it the time it may grow on you. I'm sure it it not a one-time record, you'll need to listen it at least 3 times to get the idea. We have also two more songs recorded from the compilation "La Batalla de Las Bandas II": "Ta-tu-ta" (instrumental) and "Tus Nobles Ojos". Both are very solid tracks, "Tus Nobles Ojos" is one of my favorite Psicodencia songs. We recorded those after taking the fifth place on a rock band competition from Rockotitlán, a very emblematic, and even iconic rock venue from the 80's and part of the 90's.
    Write to me to and I will happy send our old demo along with the other two songs. Cheers! (wondering if you are mexican... hope you are, as i'm feeling kind of stupid for writing all these words in english, ha!ha!)

  2. Ahorita te mando un mail, gracias por comentar!

  3. Chido javier dejen les cuento que psicodencia se escucha en canada en cada reven que se hace!!!