Friday, July 15, 2011

Cervecería Hacienda

Catrina Red Ale, <7%ABV, 0 out of 5
Hidalgo Stout, <7%ABV, 0 out of 5
Jaguar Pale Ale, <7%ABV, 0 out of 5
Cervecería Hacienda made by Hacienda San Juan Pueblilla out of Hidalgo, produces three different beers, a red ale, a stout, and a pale ale. The best thing I can say about these beers is that they have really cool labels, and it seems other people agree. It may be that there was something wrong with the batch from which I drank these beers, but I sort of doubt it. In the Fall of 2010, I had tried the pale ale and the stout and remember them being rather unpleasant. For the sake of the blog, I decided to give these beers another shot. The stout and the red ale I drank in Oaxaca at El Olivo, the pale ale was purchased at La Belga in Mexico City. All three of these beers were incredibly sour, and did not even remotely resemble the style of beer. A pale ale without the taste of hops? check. A stout without the flavor of roasted malts? check. The red ale? I don't even know what they were attempting there.  The closest thing these beers resemble is a poor attempt at a home-brewed cider.

It is really unfortunate that these beers are completely undrinkable, I really wanted to like them. I'm a bid fan of Hidalgo state, and want to see some quality beer come out of there. Hopefully the brewers at Cervecería Hacienda spend some time on their recipe and engage in some serious quality control. My guess is that something is going wrong in the bottling process that is ruining the beer, but I could be wrong.

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  1. Agreed, these aren't the best microbrew beers. I tasted two of them at a "beer and wings" place in Guadalajara (these places seem to be in bloom as of late), and they were both absolutely disgusting.

    I haven't seen reviews of "Mytika" in your blog though, you must have tried it out already! Their Rauchbier isn't that bad, although I'm by no means an expert.

    -Anonymous Al