Friday, July 29, 2011

Picador Pale Ale

Picador Pale Ale w/Ginger and Honey


0 out of 5

I really have no idea who produced this bottle-conditioned pale ale. It says on the bottle it was made by Guadalajara Beer Tour Ltd., which makes me think it was made for a special occasion and is not produced on a regular basis. That is a good thing, because this beer is really undrinkable. I would like to think that something went wrong in the production of the beer, and that someone did not knowingly bottle a beer so terrible. Imagine a Heineken that was really really sour. That is what this beer tastes like. There is no resemblance to any pale ale I have ever had. I could not tell if there were any hops in this beer at all. The ginger and honey are also completely unnoticeable. After suffering through a 1/3 of this beer, I poured the rest down the drain.

You are unlikely to find this beer in Mexico City. I found a bottle at the Beer Company in Coyoacán, but this may have been the last one.

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  1. Yo tambien compre una,o hice con el deseo de apoyar alas pequeñas micorcerveceras. Pero es LO MAS HORRIBLE QUE HE PROBADO EN MI VIDA.Con un sabor muy similar al Tepache, pero ya en descomposicion. Unicamente aguante un trago y la tire al drenaje.