Monday, July 11, 2011

Ocozol Tripa

Ocozol Tripa (Belgian Trippel?)


2 out of 5

I think this is supposed to be a Belgian Trippel, but it is unlike any Trippel I have ever had. There is the slight spiciness one expects from Belgian ales, but this beer is way too sweet. If you took a mediocre Belgian ale and poured a few packets of sugar in it, it would approximate this beer. Nevertheless, this is the most drinkable beer I have had from Ocozol and it is certainly not unpleasant. If they work on the recipe more they may end up with a solid Belgian Ale.

The Tripa is available on draft at Makena in a 10oz serving for 45 pesos, or a pint for 60 pesos.


  1. Hey,
    I found your blog by chance (?), I have to say I was very surprised to agree with almost all your reviews considering I am Mexican and have always lived here, although I have visited different countries (Europe and USA).
    I completely agree on having no idea what is behind Ocozol. I have only tried their pepper porter and it was awful. About this TrIPA thing, as its caps hint, it's supposed to be an IPA...I don't know if that is better or worse, probably the latter.
    Love your blog!

  2. Really happy you like the blog! As for whether or not this is an IPA, I really don't know. I guessed it was supposed to be a Belgian-style ale because it most resembled that in its flavor, but if this is supposed to be an IPA, well then it would go down in history as the worst IPA I've ever had. It was not hoppy at all, and very sweet.

  3. Hey, it´s actually supposed to be a belgian ipa, a hybrid between a triple and an IPA, i think its a good beer, i dont know why you didn´t percieve bitterness because i do percieve it. its abv its 7.5.