Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Simpatico Beer

Simpatico Pilsner (?)


3 out of 5

I had never seen or heard of this beer the other day when I went to The Beer Box looking for some new beers to try. The beer itself is a very light golden beer, I think it is a pilsner. Since there is basically no information about this beer online, or on the bottle, I can't be one hundred percent sure. It doesn't have much flavor at all, just a small hint of malt. It isn't a particularly bad beer if you are just looking for a simple light refreshing beer, but there isn't a whole lot that really draws me to it.

Simpatico is made by Cervercería Mexicana, based out of Tecate, Baja California. It seems this beer was first made back in the 1980s, and then disappeared from the market? I don't really know the story, but there is an interesting facebook page of people from all over the world looking for this beer. It seems it has a bit of a cult following which makes sense in comparison to other standard Mexican lagers, but compared to the recent crop of craft brews, Simpatico isn't really all that special.

You can buy this beer for 29 pesos at the Beer Box.


  1. I want to buy Simpatico again, i used to drink it alot in the 80's but you can't get it now in Australia, is it still available ? Where can i buy it from in Australia ?

  2. It is still available, although it is not particularly easy to find locally. They may now just be making it in small batches for the Mexican market. As for Australia, I have no idea. There are some online stores in Mexico that ship beer, but I'm not sure if they will ship internationally or what sorts of restrictions there are on shipping alcohol out of the country like that. There is a link on the left hand side of the blog, Baron de la Cerveza, a webstore that has Simpatico.

  3. I absolutely love SImpatico beer and can't find it anywhere.... Any idea where I can find it? I live in Maryland