Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cucapá Honey

Cucapá Honey Amber Ale


4 out of 5

I am pleasantly surprised at how good this beer tastes. For months I have been avoiding this beer because I thought the honey would make it sweet (I really prefer bitter beers). While Cucapá is my favorite Mexican brewery, I know they make some duds (i.e. their Oscura). I was completely wrong on this one. The first thing I noticed was the hops in the nose, not too overpowering but certainly enough for me to notice. There is a faint hint of honey in the nose, but upon tasting the honey almost completely disappears. Only in the finish did I get a small taste of the honey, mixed in with some malts. This beer is very drinkable and if you are looking for a light beer with lots of flavor, you would be hard pressed to find something better in Mexico. It is a toss up over whether I prefer this Honey Ale or Cucapá's Clasica Blonde Ale when I want something light but tasty. Looks like I'll need to do a side by side comparison in the future!

Get this for takeout at El Deposito, La Belga (for 27 pesos), or The Beer Box. Drink it at La Nacional (for 55 pesos) or El Deposito.

Getting to El Deposito: Metro/Metrobus Patriotismo.
Getting to La Belga: Metrobus - Linea 1, Sonora stop; or Linea 3, Hospital General stop. Metro - Hospital General. (You'll need a map to walk from these stops to La Belga).
Getting to La Nacional: Right next door to La Belga, on the corner of Orizaba and Querétaro.

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