Saturday, June 11, 2011

Revolution Records

Of all the places to shop for used records in Mexico City, Revolution Records has to be my least favorite. They have a pretty large selection of common rock, latin, disco, jazz, and miscellaneous records. Their prices are decent, and so is the condition of many of their albums, but I rarely find anything worth buying at this place. Occasionally I'll stop here and find something worth picking up, but if you are looking for records in Mexico that you won't find anywhere else, then I definitely recommend checking out Discos de Ayer, Bop!, and ABC Discos before coming here.

Revolution Records also seems to be the place where old music guys just come and hang out. I never see anyone buy anything here, but there are always several guys just hanging out, talking about music and other things.

Revolution Records is located at Insurgentes 395 in Condesa, right on the corner of Insurgentes and Campeche. The google maps link is off by a block, but it will get you there. The store is right in front of the Metrobus stop Campeche, or you can get off at Metro Chilpancingo and walk north on Insurgentes a few blocks.

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  1. This shop has been around for more than 10 years. They sell rock, jazz , blues,progressive, classic, etc. Mexican pressed records are usually cheap as it's not what they care most. I bought a second press of Dug Dug's second album for 15usd a few days ago. Three souls first album for $100usd last year. And early 2014 I picked up 2 copies of original "Toncho Pilatos" lp. They have many customers and they save the best records for them so a good idea is asking at counter desk for whatever you're looking for as they might have it reserved for someone else. They travel twice a year to Europe and Japan and more often to USA so you'll find lots of imports here. A nice Jazz selection of Japan mini LP cd's available at counter desk. They don' have a web site and they don't sell through internet. Shop hours says it opens at 11am but it's not true, it's never open before 1pm. A few other shops in the neighborhood, 10 mins walking distance. CC's accepted and I once paid with US notes.