Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baja Blond

Baja Brewing Company Cream Ale


4 out 5

This cream ale made by Baja Brewing Company out of Baja California Sur is an excellent light, crisp ale which would be perfect for sitting outside on a hot day, or on the beach somewhere. Cream ales are supposed to be very similar to lagers, and that is exactly what it tastes like to me, a high quality lager. Just a hint of maltiness and very refreshing.

Unfortunately I have had a hard time finding this beer, and finally broke down and spent 50 pesos for a single bottle at The Beer Box. Their Baja Red is only 33 pesos at La Belga, so I'm not sure why this particular beer was so expensive, but Beer Box prices are some of the highest I've seen in the city. Because of the price, I probably won't be drinking this beer often (or ever), but it is a really good example of light, refreshing beer.

UPDATE June 16, 2011: I just saw this at La Belga, so pick it up there for cheaper.

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