Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baja Red

Baja Brewing Company Red Ale


5 out of 5

Baja Brewing Company is based out of Baja California Sur and was formed in 2007 by several Americans from Colorado (at least that is the story I get from their website). This particular beer, the Baja Red, is a phenomenal Red Ale. Even though the bottle says "ale ambar" this beer is much more full-bodied and full of flavor than amber ales I am familiar with. The only other Baja beer I have had was their oscura especial, which was extremely mediocre. Nevertheless, I look forward to trying some of their other beers if I can find them.

I like a good red ale, but in my experience, they are few and far between. The only other Mexican breweries I know of that make a red ale are Cosaco, with their cerveza roja, and Hacienda Pueblilla, with their Catrina red ale. The Cosaco red ale is atrocious, probably one of the worst beers I have ever had, and while I have not tried the Catrina, I am not a big fan of the other beers made by Hacienda Pueblilla out of Hidalgo (i.e. their pale ale and stout).

I picked up this bottle for 33 pesos at La Belga.

Getting to La Belga: Metrobus - Linea 1, Sonora stop; or Linea 3, Hospital General stop. Metro - Hospital General. (You'll need a map to walk from these stops to La Belga).

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