Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Calavera Tripel

Calavera Tripel de Abadía (Abbey Ale)


2 out of 5

This beer by Calavera (Tlalnepantla, Estado de México) was pretty disappointing. The beer itself is a deep golden belgian style ale with absolutely no head and very lightly carbonated (even though on the bottle it says the head is "dense and creamy"). You can tell they are trying to imitate belgian style ales with the spicy aroma and flavor, but the overwhelming flavor of this beer is just alcohol. You also get the alcohol flavor in the nose and the finish. Not very pleasant at all. On my first few drinks, I thought it even tasted a little salty. I have never had a beer that I thought tasted salty before. Calavera needs to spend more time on their beer recipes and less on their bottle designs. Maybe if I hadn't been sampling a bunch of real Belgian beers recently I'd be a little more kind, but this beer is an extremely poor substitute.

The beer itself is also pretty expensive, 40 pesos for this 330ml bottle, so I doubt I will be trying this again. It is also available in a 750ml bottle for ~100 pesos.

You can get this beer at La Belga and El Deposito (near Metro/Metrobus Patriotismo).

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  1. Weird what you said, I have tested many belgian beers and I found this one quite good, salty? never, definitely is a strong beer. The creammy and dense it offers is real.I like more the Calavera Dubel but both are really nice. That is my oppinion but people has to try it and take their own decision. Ed.