Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nahtabisk*, Mexican new wave!

 Several months ago, I picked up this 12" ep by Nahtabisk* on the recommendation of a friend. The record was self-released by the band in 1984, and according to the all-knowing interwebs, it seems the band did little else. The contact information the back of the record suggests they were from Mexico City, although I can't be sure.

 This synth-driven punk/new wave record is a fairly interesting listen. Musically, it reminds me of fairly simplistic early punk, except it is all electronic. The vocals, unfortunately, are very pedestrian and uninspired, but I like listening to this every now and then for the music alone.

Check out the tracks here:

1. Frio escalofrio
2. Buscando un trabajo
3. La dama de probeta
3. Así es...!


  1. Well, there was also the group Natha Beef with Oscar Sarquiz and some of the members of Nathabisk.

  2. the band was conformed by andi version , bernath , garroberth . all them from mexico city .

    it is a result of a generation of mexicans miusicians after diferent independent experiences , the band end recording nahtabisk * (preevousle ..natabeaf , ruido blanco, metodo del ritmo )
    in the proces many persons werw involved , some of them they are here some ones not , bit the music is here and it is the must important. the letters in contrast with the respectabable opinio of the publisher ?? they are palstic , ideas of a plastic economic world , but mustly the deep senses of mexico;s city citizen. the music , excelent dificult to explan...
    enjoy it !