Wednesday, January 11, 2012

La Region - Cerveza Artesanal en La Narvarte!!

A new craft beer shop has opened up in Colonia Narvarte called La Region, Central de Cervezas Artesanales. They have a nice selection of beers (room temperature or cold) from Tempus, Calavera, Cucapá, Minerva, Jack, Weissbier, and La Chingonería, plus a small selection of Mexican botanas to accompany your drinking.

I hope this means we'll start seeing more beer options in Narvarte, because right now, they are pretty slim.

They are located at Xola 1603. You can either walk there from Etiopia metro/metrobus by going east on Xola a few blocks, or get off at the Dr. Vertiz Metrobus stop from Linea 2. La Region is located on Xola just across Vertiz from the metrobus stop there.


  1. Yeah!
    Thank you very much for the note.
    We hope to see you soon there.

    Saludos Amigos.

    La Región.