Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rámuri Diablo Blanco Mexican Lager

 Rámuri Diablo Blanco Lager

5.0% ABV

2 out of 5

I picked up this bottle at the recent beer festival, Cerveza México. Cervecería Rámuri is based out of one of the Bajas, not sure which. I'm pretty sure they are from Tijuana, BC, which is what they said at the fest and what their facebook page says. But, the bottle says Los Cabos, which is in Baja California Sur, so maybe Diablo Blanco is produced there.

Anyway, this "premium mexican lager" is one of the most tasteless beers I have ever had. In one sense that makes it better than a Corona, Sol, or Tecate, because there is no way I want to taste anything like those beers and I'd much prefer a Diablo Blanco over some industrial Mexican lager. But, I like the taste of beer. When I want a beer it means I don't want sparkling water.

I've never seen this available for sale in Mexico City, but it is possible one of the beer stores picked up some stock while these guys were in town for the festival. Can't say I recommend searching for it though.

Rámuri Diablo Blanco stand at Cerveza México, Sept 2, 2011

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