Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pictures from Cerveza México, Sept 2, 2011

 I was too busy drinking beer to take good pictures, but at least these will give you an idea of what Cerveza México was like.

Cerveza Casera stand. They had a pale ale and hefeweizen to try.
Cervecería Hacienda, makers of Jaguar Pale Ale, Hidalgo Stout, and Catrina Red Ale.

A glimpse of Cerveza Querétaro, Cervecería Amalias, and La Chingonería.

The crowd, and Cucapá in the background.

Calavera and Bohemia
La Chingonería's Házmela Rusa Stout, and the glass we had to buy to sample everything.

Another glimpse of La Chingonería stand, and the Beer Company in the background. They were out of their IPA.

Cervecería Primus with Tempus beers to try.
Cervecería Rámuri with three different dark beers to try, two stouts and a smoked porter.
Veracruz Brewering(?!) Company. They had a pilsner to sample, out of the dark beer.
The Beer Box installation. Offering samples of Cerveza Guadalajara, and a new organic brewery from Huixquilucan, Edomex.


  1. SOOOOO bummed we missed this event!! cant wait to go next year!

  2. Thanks for the great blog. All the answers I need for my upcoming visit to the DF.

  3. Went to LaBelga. Great shop.

    I just noticed your name is "bicyclepirate". Any recommendations on bike rentals in the DF? Would be great to have a bike for a few days.

    thanks again

  4. Not really. There is the ecobici system, but you need to sign up for an account and last I heard, it was at capacity with a huge waiting list to get an account. I've also seen little stands on street corners around the city that have bikes for rent. I think there is one across from the Alameda on Juarez. From what I've heard, you need to leave an ID (probably your passport?)while the bike is out, so not sure you would be comfortable doing that. I am an avid bike rider, but it is something I haven't really explored here due to traffic, easy access to public transport, and because I hate to use poor quality bikes. Sorry I'm not more help!

  5. I'm in the Hacienda Pueblilla & Ramuri pics. Prost!