Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jack Beer - Chocolate Imperial Stout

Jack Chocolate Imperial Stout
7.5% ABV

3 out of 5

This chocolate imperial stout is made by Cevercería Jack, which is based in Mexico City. I've had two different beers by this brewery (the other a brown ale) and their beers are definitely high quality, but the styles they produce are not my favorite types of beers to drink. This stout has a full body which one would hope to find in an imperial stout (but which is all too rare for most Mexican-made stouts). However, the chocolate flavor is a little overpowering, which for me means that I won't be drinking this beer all that often. Worth a try if you like chocolate in your beer, but I see this more as a novelty beer than something to drink regularly . Find more info about Jack Beer here, here, and here.

This beer is available for purchase at El Deposito in Colonia Condesa, Baja California 375. It cost 55 pesos to drink it at El Deposito, a fairly standard price for most cervezas artesanales. You can also buy bottles for takeout at a cheaper price.

How to get there: Metro/Metrobus Patriotismo.

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