Monday, May 30, 2011

Azteca Manzana Ale

Azteca Manzana Ale


4 out of 5

I know very little about the Azteca brewery. My guess is they are located in Mexico City as I have only seen their beers available on tap. Their Manzana, or apple, ale was a big surprise. My own personal mantra is that fruit does not belong in beer, but maybe this is because I've had a few bad experiences and therefore avoid fruit beers at all costs. When I first tried the beer, there was a faint apple flavor, but I was soon overwhelmed by the hops. If anything, the apple flavor is extremely subtle and dry. After drinking half a pint, I no longer even noticed the apple. My assumption was this was going to be a more alcoholic version of Manzana Lift, but instead, this was a very light but nicely hopped ale that was extremely refreshing on a hot day.

I had this Manzana Ale at Zazá in Colonia Condesa for 55 pesos/pint. Most of the Azteca beers I've had have been great, so even if they don't have this particular one, try another. (If you even find their Agave Ale, try it!). Zazà is located at Pachuca 1, and very close to Metro Chapultepec.

If anyone has more information on this brewery, please let me know in the comments.

UPDATE June 18, 2011: I had this beer again at Makena and it tasted extremely different. It had an overwhelming alcohol flavor, more hints of apple, slightly sour, and very lightly carbonated. It was pretty unpleasant.  I'm not sure why, but the lack of consistency across draft beers in the city is pretty common and very unfortunate.

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