Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cerveza Homero Hefeweizen

Cerveza Homero Hefeweizen

4 out of 5


When I first moved to Mexico City I was able to easily find the fabled Duff Beer and drank a fair amount of it. It was a solid pilsner that was much better than your typical Mexican lager. Sadly, it disappeared from the market, probably due to copyright problems. It is supposed to be coming back as Ffud, but I still haven't seen it available where I shop for beers.

Despite my longing for another bottle of Duff, at least there is Homero hefeweizen to satisfy my craving for a Simpsons related beer. This hefeweizen is very solid, medium-bodied and cloudy like a wheat beer should be. It has nice hints of banana and oranges, but the fruitiness is not overpowering. The one problem with the beer is that is was a little too carbonated.

You can buy a bottle of Cerveza Homero at El Deposito.

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  1. Tambien la pueden comprar en Baron de la virtual) junto con otras mas artesanales y de importacion